The Sun Ranch Sustainability Approach

At Sun Ranch, sustainability is at the core of our ethos. We rely heavily on solar power, with the Ramble Long House leading the charge. Its hybrid system draws from both the grid and a robust 22.62kW solar array, complemented by a 13.5kWh Tesla battery bank.

The six barn-style homes are powered by SkyBox, a cutting-edge battery storage system designed for off-grid living. We utilise seven SKY BOX systems, meticulously monitored online and strategically placed on rooftops and the ground, supporting the barns' septic system. This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Beyond energy, we also take a conscientious approach to water management. A substantial 350,000-litre rainwater tank collects from natural catchment areas and the Rambler LongHouse roof. Each barn is equipped with a system that filters and stores 35,000 litres of pristine rainwater, ensuring that every drop is of the highest quality for your use.

Sun Ranch offers more than just a boutique stay; it's a living example of our commitment to sustainable travel and living. Our Regeneration Program has recently welcomed 10,000 native plants and trees to our fertile grounds, a small yet impactful step towards reviving the local flora.

In collaboration with 'Bangalow Koalas', we are actively involved in the preservation of our cherished Eucalypt forests. Through our combined efforts, we contribute vital funds to safeguarding our endemic species. This is our way of giving back to the environment that sustains us.

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